, 1 - Christian Fournier's works is subject to the present general conditions. The fact of giving to Christian Fournier documents or objects to photograph implies the knowledge and the acceptance without limitation of these general conditions., , 2 - The prices are quoted without tax, in Euros. All prices are susceptible to be revised on the basis of the legal fluctuations current at the date of the delivery. The freight costs are chargeable to the customer., , 3 - All the works should be accompanied with an order form signed by the customer. Any work executed outside the usual opening hours: 9.00 am to 18.30 pm from Monday till Friday, entails a rise, determined at the moment of ordering., Any changes from the client of the work as described in the original estimate can create a change in the cost of the photo., Any major catastrophy, such as a model last minute cancellation, a city electrical power cut, a French transport strike, an impossible weather, etc.. can render the photographic work impossible and are therefore not the photographer's responsibility., Any cancellation of a signed programmed work from the client must be notified to me in writing: 30% of the total fee must still be paid to me if cancellation occurs before 48H, 50% if 24H and 100% if the same day., , 4 - Christian Fournier declines any responsibility in case of loss or of deterioration of elements supplied by the customer., , 5 - Any order lower than 300 euros must be paid in full at the moment of reception of the invoice. Over this sum, the payment must be made under 30 days. There is a 13% extra charge for payments made after 30 days (French law number 92-1442 of 31.12.1992) If important technical fees are involved (for instance model fees, studio rental, etc..), their full payment must be made by the client at the moment of ordering. Christian Fournier is a member of the French government controlled accountancy association AARP and payment by check or bank wire transfer is accepted., , 6 - The copyrights are "all rights reserved" under any legislations, except written, express and special license, on invoice., , 7 - Any complaint should be made within a week of the reception of the work, and any photos not giving satisfaction, returned within the same period. The possible disputes must be in the jurisdictions of Christian Fournier's place of residence. Slight differences in colour and contrast may exist due to technical limitations in the printing industry., , 8 - According to the French law number 80 of March 12, 1980, the delivered works remain Christian Fournier's property until their complete payment. They are subjected to the French image and intellectual property law of march 11th 1957, whatever nationality the client might be., The nonpayment of the rights to Christian Fournier entails the denunciation of the agreement of transfer of rights of author with immediate effect, forbidding as a consequence the exploitation of photos under the offence of forgery., The non payment of the photo rights will fall under the counterfeit French laws and any material (magazines, brochures, packaging, etc..) showing the photo will be immediately confiscated (at the client expenses)., , 9 - The mention: " Photo: © Raphaël Christian Fournier " is compulsory near the published photo., , 10 - One copy of the publication must be supplied to the author by the client at the above mentioned address., , 11 - Christian Fournier can use the photos he has taken for a client, including the making of ones, in his paper or internet book and website, for self promotion only, unless prior confidentiality agreement is signed by both parties., , 12- The client/diffuser is responsible for the use of the photos, and pornographic, immoral or defamatory use is not permitted. The client is also responsible for copyrights of people, buildings, works of art, trade marks in the photos and it is his responsibility to negotiate the rights accordingly., , Christian Fournier remains at your disposal for any further information.

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